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Unlock the power of Azure Data Engineering

Gain hands-on experience with ETL, Azure Data Factory, Databricks, and Synapse Analytics. Elevate your career and tackle real-world projects confidently. 

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The Ultimate guide for Data Engineering
is crafted just for you!

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Modules covered in
The Ultimate Guide for Azure Date Engineering

Module 1
Azure Data Factory Fundamentals (1 week)
  • Subscriptions & Resource groups
  • Exploring Azure Data Factory, Blob and Data Lake Gen2.
  • Overview of Azure Active Directory, users, and tenants.
  • Integration runtime and linked service.
Module 2
Advanced Data Factory Techniques (1 week)
  1. Dataset, Activity Overview and Naming Conventions
  2. Copy Data Activity and techniques: Recursive, wildcard, listing, mapping, properties
  3. Triggers: Key Vault, SQL, Git, DevOps, For Each loop for Single File
Module 3
Advanced Data Manipulation and Monitoring (2 weeks)
  1. Lookup activity For Each loop with multiple files using lookup.
  2. Monitoring copy data activity failures using stored procedures.
  3. Delta load strategies for a single file.
  4. Triggering stored procedures for data transformation and modelling.
Milestone: Project 1
Bonus: Study material for certifications AZ-900 and DP-900.
Module 4
Introduction to Azure Databricks (1 week)
  1. Overview of Azure Databricks and platform understanding.
  2. Azure Spark cluster and Spark basics.
  3. Delta table and properties of Delta Lake.
  4. Processing CSV, JSON, and XML using Pyspark, Scala, and Python.
Module 5
Advanced Azure Databricks Techniques (2 weeks)
  1. JDBC connector and secret scope in Azure Databricks.
  2. Triggering Notebooks from ADF and passing parameters.
  3. Best practices for Azure Databricks and Spark.
Milestone: Project 2
Bonus: Resume guidance and sample resume.
Bonus: Study material for AZ-203 and 200+ interview questions.
Module 6
Azure SQL Synapse and Advanced Activities (1 week)
  1. Overview of Azure SQL Synapse, serverless, and dedicated pools.
  2. Delta load for multiple files.
  3. If-else activity, metadata activity, and web activity.
Module 7
Advanced Data Flow and Integration Techniques (2 weeks)
  1. Data flow and its types.
  2. Facts & Dimensions and their types in Data Modeling, Star & Snowflake schema.
  3. Sending email alerts and Teams notifications using Logic App and webhook activity.
  4. Utilizing ChatGPT and AI tools for Azure Data Engineering.
Milestone: Project 3
Bonus: Mock interview sessions and interview doubt sessions.

Tools you will learn

Abhishek Agrawal

Abhishek Agrawal, a Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer with over 7 years of immersive hands-on experience, is a catalyst for career transformations in Azure Cloud. A distinguished NIT Raipur graduate, he specializes in Azure Data Factory, Databricks, Synapse Analytics, and more.

Abhishek’s pedagogy seamlessly integrates theoretical knowledge with practical insights, offering a holistic learning experience in data engineering.

Renowned for propelling over hundreds of individuals into thriving Azure Cloud careers, Abhishek’s teaching philosophy revolves around real-world projects, daily practice, and a steadfast focus on practical implementation. His commitment extends beyond conventional learning, providing comprehensive support for career transitions, interview preparation, and perpetual access to class recordings.

Embark on a transformative learning journey with Abhishek, where his passion for immersive education ensures that every concept taught is immediately applicable and relevant. Join his dynamic classes for a hands-on exploration of the world of data engineering, cloud solutions, and the pathway to unparalleled career success. Let Abhishek guide you in constructing your success story in the realm of data engineering.  

Don't take our word for it.

Technically sound Trainer with an approach to explain

Technically sound Trainer with an approach to explain the technical concepts in simple and illustrative way, even can explain and relate the concepts in layman terms to make the terminologies understandable in pretty easier way. Post this training on Azure – ADF, Databricks, MS SQL, I’m confident to say – No Knowledge to Good Knowledge in a span of 45 days with real time explanation of projects and challenges faced during development. Recommend this course if anyone looking for one.


Reviewed on 04 Aug, 2023

He is a very thoughtful teacher

I would like to thank Abhishek for such a wonderful Course. His Azure Data Engineer course is mind-blowing. His teaching skills are awesome. The live session he conducts and the way he clears all doubts are praiseworthy. After completing his course I am very much comfortable with the interview and easily clear it too. The things which I have not worked on are also clearer to me now and Abhishek made us learn those skills. Learning with Abhishek is fun and will not sound like a task. I will highly recommend his course and ask all data engineers or aspiring data engineers to join his course.

Shilpa Pandey

Reviewed on 02 Nov, 2022

He is one of the best and humble tutors….

I am one of the candidates of Abhishek’s Azure data engineering course . First of all , I would like to give a big kudos to Abhishek to deliver high quality knowledge and hands-on in Azure through this course. He is one of the best and humble tutors I have seen . He is so good with his teaching skills that even no experience person can understand the concept easily


Reviewed on 04 Aug, 2023

He is truly exceptional, and I am so grateful for their help.

I recently had the pleasure of working with an online tutor abhishek, he was incredibly knowledgeable and patient, and went above and beyond to help me understand difficult concepts. He was always responsive and easy to communicate with. He was always available to answer my questions and provide feedback on my work. Overall, I would highly recommend abhishek to anyone looking to improve their skills and knowledge in their area of data engineering. He is truly exceptional, and I am so grateful for their help.


Reviewed on 07 Oct, 2023

He knows how to capitalize on every skill and experience. 

I can tell you he acts more like an elder sibling, than a mentor. With his profound understanding and hands-on expertise in Azure data engineering, he explains intricate subjects, effortlessly. If you want to learn Azure, I highly recommend attending his course. It truly offers a remarkable and enriching learning experience.

Aditya Ramakrishnan

Reviewed on 16 May, 2023

The course was highly informative and helped in vital development …

I attended the Azure Data Engineer online training sessions conducted by Mr Abhishek Agrawal. Excellent course, well organised and conducted with the right pace. Abhishek is passionate with excellent teaching skills and good clarity. Maintains balance between theory and practical and must say it was a wonderful experience. The training was conducted very professionally and the sessions happened as per decided timelines. Moreover, he records the daily sessions for reference.

Sagar Mahajan

Reviewed on 06 Aug, 2023

The content was well-organized….

Abhi got very good knowledge and hands on experience both on Azure Data Factory and Azure Data Bricks tool. I liked the course very much and the topics which were covered in detail with respect to the knowledge gained. Thanks once again Abhi for all the support.  have attended the Azure data engineering course by Abhishek, and it was really a valuable experience. The content was well-organized, and Abhisheks explanations were clear and concise and on point every session.


Reviewed on 07 Oct, 2023

I would definitely recommend anyone who wants a fresh start…

I have taken the azure data engineering course from Abhishek. Well, my experience was great. Abhishek has vast knowledge in this domain and his teaching methods are also effective. He clears the doubts no matter how many times we ask. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants a fresh start or change domain to azure Data engineering to take up this course. Overall it was a good experience


Reviewed on 09 Oct, 2023

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